No spring in Aceh

It is always summer here in my country


My Neighbour’s stage hause


Flowers of my Mother


City Park


Wanna sit here? just come 🙂

Finding Snouck Huis

It was June 2008, one day before I leave the Netherlands and back home to Aceh for good, I decided to find a house of a Dutch professor in Leiden. I knew he was no longer there, he passed away long time ago, in 1936. But, finding his house kind of a “must do” for me. J had been in Maastricht for a year and had no chance to visit Leiden, so it would be weird if I do not know where he used to live.

As long as I know, he is not famous at all to the current Dutch, but almost every Acehenese know him. In fact, he is the most hated Dutch by us, the Acehnese. The, who and why?


Leiden centraal, the journey started from here

His name is Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje, do not ask me to spell his name twice, even the Dutch difficult to spell it. He is an Continue reading