Top Websites to Watch Football Live Stream

Previously, wiziwig was a good one, but here are other alternatives from wiziwig.

I just found this website, and for me now, this is the best compared those I wrote below, just try it. if you think this information helpful, please also click any ads in another blog of mine. thank you

After clicking this, a new window is open, you need to click live sport — and the Football. click “live” in the match you want to wath and enjoy the game.  In this website, you can watch from flash easily, but if you want to watch in better quality, you can install either acestream or sopcast. Acestream has a better quality but streaming sometimes is longer, I personally prefer sopcast. If you watch in flash, the adds may come up, please wait for a moment and then click (x). with the software (acestream and sopcast), there is usually no ads. NOTE if any windows where you watch on asks you to install such thing, DO NOT do that, as it is usually spam. only install sopcast or acestream.

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