WPC: Relic

If you remember the devastating Tsunami 2004 in SE Asia, this mosque was the first bulding hit by the water. While the other buldings surrounded the mosque were mostly destroyed, the mosque is still standing the way it is.

Tsunami Mosqur

Tsunami Mosque

Work of Art


The weekly photo challenge for this week is Work of Art. The photo of handmade gift above was made from betel leaves by the villagers. It is kind of a present from the groom family to the bride family during the wedding party. I do not know how long it will take to make it but i believe it should be difficult but artistic.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

A bit late to participate this week’s challenge.

Lady on the bike

Lady on the bike

The picture was taken during my trip to the west coast of Aceh. This is how the street in the village of Aceh-Indonesia looks like. The lady is wearing hijab or jilbab. The air is so fresh here as it has no factory in the area, a really good and healthy place to live in.