Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

As Nicole said that despite the people are different, we still have the same hope, dream for love, family and survival. These two pictures represents of where I am come from and where I am living now.

small village

My Village

A small farmer village which was not even in (google) map, that is where I come from. And here is where I am living now, temporarily of course!

The capital of Europe?

No matter where I live, we share the same values of humanity.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure


Remember when the last time you make an adventure with your parent? Remember when the last time you take the adventure with your children?

Adventure does not always mean adrenaline. Even taking your son around with his kinderwagen is an adventure. The adventure that he will always remember untill he get old, just likr you remember when your parent teach you how to swim, how to ride the bike and even how to bind your shoestring.

Cause live it self is an adventure.

Ps: sorry for my bad english 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture Sunset

Finally I have time to post photos on this week photo challenge: texture. These are not the best one, but the only photos I could find fit to the thema.


This is called the Lampuuk beach. Located in the village of lampuuk in Aceh. The village was severely destroyed by the tsunami 2004, but the beach was getting better after that. Continue reading