cara pelaporan tulisan ilmiah

berikut adalah guideliness penulisan laporan ilmiah.

Reporting Guidelines

The guidelines listed below should be followed where appropriate. Please use these guidelines to structure your article. Structured abstracts and flow diagrams should be uploaded with your submission; these will be published alongside the final version of your paper.

CONSORT Statement (for reporting of randomized controlled trials: please use the appropriate extension to the CONSORT statement, including the extension for writing abstracts)
TREND (for transparent reporting of evaluations with non-randomized designs)
STROBE (for reporting of observational cohort, case-control, and cross-sectional studies)
PRISMA (for reporting of systematic reviews)
MOOSE (for reporting of meta-analyses of observational studies)
COREQ (for reporting of qualitative studies)
CHEERS (for reporting of health economic evaluations)

SQUIRE( for reporting of Quality improvement studies)

AGREE( for reporting of Clinical practice guidelines)


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