Some WISE WORDS from Lee Kuan Yew that prove him a LEGEND

1. “I never pay attention or care much about the survey or the popularity of me. In my opinion, a leader who is too concerned about the survey is a weak leader. If leaders are too concerned with the rise in popularity down, then the leader is not a leader. They just chase … follow where the wind blows, and I do not rule for it.

2. “I have always been accused of interfering in the personal lives of the citizens of Singapore. Really. If I do not do that, Singapore will not go forward like this today. I was without the slightest regret to say there will be no economic progress if I do not interfere in your personal affairs, who neighbors you are, where you live, your complaint, how you spit, and what language is used. We decide what is good and true, no matter what people think”.

3. “What is important in my life? Family and my country. My wife look after my family. Se was raising the children. I regularly spend time with them to teach a number of values. However, Singapore remains my focus until my death”

4. “Loved or feared, I have always believed that what was said by Machiavelli was right. If nothing frightened me as a leader, then I am nothing.”

5. “This Chinese proverb, ‘Do not judge or measure human until you close the coffin’. Close the coffin, and then analysis. I did not say everything I do is right, but I want to say that everything I do is for the purpose of noble. Sometimes I have to do something cruel, like imprisoning people without trial

Now, the time for us to see and evaluate what Mr Yew has done was right or wrong! share your thought!


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