3 Years with WordPress


Woke up this morning and I checked my handphone. As usuall, I have a lot of notifications from twitter, BBM, and of course wordpress. None from Facebook since I dont use it that often as I used to, it took my time a lot.

I found a spesial notificatiom from wordpress, saying that I have been registered for 3 years. What? I did not realized that.

Then, what I have done within these years? I have some 231 posts, some in english and many in my Bahasa, I have won some writing contest, but still nothing compared to my wife who has blogged for 7 years and recently won a macbook in a writing contest 🙂

How did I started with wordpress? I used to write many things like feeling, opinion, experience in many social media like friendster, multiply and recenty facebook note. I had goigle blogger once but I did not really like the interface at that time. So I kept writing on facebook note. Untill one day a friend of mine asked me to write in wordpress in stead of in facebook. I registered to wordpress and I kind of like it. Since then, I became part of Aceh blogger and happy to know that people like my writings, well writing in my own language is much easier for me 🙂

Okay, 3 years already, but still 230 post. I should have more in the future. And lastly, thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

Keep blogging and be the best


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