Rot is Red


Having travelled to many countries and cities, I learn that one way to know the citizen’s behavior is by seeing how they behave in the traffict light. In almost all cities in Germany, the traffict light function as it supposed to be. When the red light come, the people will just stop to give the other’s right to cross. The same situation I found in Maastricht-the Netherlands (but not in Amsterdam), in Bergen – Norway and Copenhagen – Denmark. When I was travelling with my Italian friend, he often disobey the rule, and just said “Let’s do the Italian way”, and we just cross the street when the light was red :), so you know what I meant.

Back to my hometown in Aceh, traffict light is working somehow, but not as good as here in Berlin. However, it is far better comparing to Medan, the neighbouring city. So, how is the traffict light in your placr look like? How the citizens behave? Tell us more!

Setiap mengunjungi sebuah tempat, yang sering saya perhatikan adalah prilaku penduduknya berlalu lintas. Di Jerman, lampu merah berfungsi sebagaimana mustinya, orang akan berhenti ketika lampu merah, dan tidak akan memotong meski tidak ada mobil atau jalan lagi sepi. Keadaan yang sama saya temui ketika berkunjung ke Norwegia, Belanda dan Denmark.

Kalo di kampung saya di Banda Aceh, lampu lalulintas memang sudah cukup menbuat penduduknya sadar untuk memberikan hak kepada orang lain untuk memotong  dsb. Dibandingkan dengan Medan, Banda Aceh jauh lebih bagus dalam berlalulintas.

Kalau ditempat kamu gimana?

One thought on “Rot is Red

  1. In New York State U.S.A this will depend on the location. Some areas you are safe to walk across at a red light because people are respectful in other areas they may run you over. I think smaller communities follow the red light rule a little better than others however there is a right on red rule so some feel that means they do not even have to slow down. Lesson – always go forward with caution when walking across the street and when your light is green because not every one will follow the rules!!!

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