Watching Football while working


I know today is saturday, the weekend, and not a working day. But for a student, the limit between weekdays and weekend is unclear, especially when  we have a deadline to face.

The first match of British Premier league will be played today, between Manchester United and Swansea, I am not a big fan of EPL, but still I am curious to watch the new Man U manager…hope Swansea win the match 🙂

Buat kami mahasiwa, batas antara hari kerja dengan akhir pekan tidak jelas, apalagi kalau lagi ada deadline, disaat yang lain sedang menikmati akhir pekan, kami masih harus ngerjain tugas.
Jadinya karena lagi ada pertandingan bola, ya nontonnya di sempat sempatin 🙂

Selamat menonton, eh selamat ngerjain tugas.


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