RIP and Goodbye Akli Fairuz, the killed striker.

NO salary, not even a work contract, he still played for his favorite team Persiraja. He knew the team was in chaos, no manajer, just a coach, but they played with a full of spirits, then they won the game, but he passed away, again after receiving no payment for months.

I was sitting in the corner of the di murtala stadium, watching the game between persiraja and psap. It was a classical aceh derby, and the stasium has more spectators the usual. But, I never imagine that, that was the last game for akli. He did not score that day (in fact he did), neither the other days, but he gave some assists and his present in the team helped the coach and other team members. I was mad when the refere cancelled his goal, and was very sad few days after when I knew that he passed away. we have lost a player with dedication, a player who expect not the salary solely, but the opportunity to play.

If you do not know the news, you should read these:

and watch this out



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