Xiaomi Redmi Note: The Pioneer of cheap but sophisticated phablet

Redmi note deserves as the pioneer of cheap but with classy specifications that used to be only exist on  premium class phablet. The title as a pioneer not excessive, since the gadget come up with affordable price of USD 129  (1 GB version) or USD 159 (2 GB version) and makes other vendors on fire. There is a vendor who previously sold phablet with similar specifications to redmi note but higher price, now has to lower to make it competitive, Huawei Honor 3X.

redmi noteIn addition to revising the price , there are also vendors who launch new products, which prices and specifications is relatively similar to redmi note. Lenovo launched new product called S898T and HTC released a new product named Desire 616.

Redmi note seems to give new hope for the lower bughet user to own the premium class phablet, something that used to be difficult since most of the premium products were produced by well known vendors like Apple, Samsung , HTC , Sony , LG and so on.

Redmi note and new wave of cheap phablets generally sold at a price range of USD 200 or below but mostly come up with the following specifications: Processor: Quadcore to OctaCore , Screen: more than 5 inch , dual sim , up to 13 MP camera  and above 3000 mAh battery capacity.

Interested to have one?


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