Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes – Jambu Air

Back home and trying to find the best photo object like the others, but we live in a remote countryside where no concert, no cinema, no traffict jump and almost no car. We have some trees growing around the hause and thats what we have.



Jambu Air jambee

We call it “Boh jambee” in our local language. Does anyone knows what is it called in English?


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes – Jambu Air

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    • I just have a look at wikipedia, and here is what I found:

      Syzygium aqueum (Plant)

      Syzygium aqueum is a species of brush cherry tree. Its common names include Water Cherry, Watery Rose Apple, and Lau Lau; names like “water apple” and “bell fruit” may refer to any species of Syzygium grown for its fruit.

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  4. Hello! Greetings from Malaysia 🙂 The malay name for those fruits is jambu air and in English, it’s called water apple. It’s also mentioned in my post Sang Kancil, the clever mouse-deer. Read it if you have the time 🙂

    • hello, greetings from Aceh-Indonesia,.
      Yup, we call it jambu air too. The english translation water apple seems weird to me, since it has nothing to do with the apple. 🙂 thanks for stopping by.

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