Top 5 Best Places must be Visited

Top 5 best beautiful places that must be visited by me 😀

1. Masjidil Haram Makkah,
As a muslim, of course for pilgrim 😀

2. Pyramids in Egypt
I am really curious how could the people long tym ago built this kind of thing?
what can technology they were using? and what the purpose? we can find some answers in the internet, but I cannot experiencing of sitting or standing behind it 😀
it says that every one can be a tour guide in Egypt, is that rite?

3. Tallinn, Estonia
Don’t be surprised if I put this small town in the 3rd place, because I don’t know as well why. first time I heard this town was in 2005, when a group of Estonian, calling them self as Estonian Disaster Relief Team (EDRT) came to Banda Aceh and helped the Tsunami survivors. I was working with them in Fakinah hospital for few days but I lost contact afterwards. I really want to visit them now.

4. Raja Ampat, Papua-Indonesia
well, for what I have seen (Photos) and what I have heard (not gossip), this is a paradise of the world. Friends who have been there always come to me with nice story of the its natural beauty. the only thing is that…..a bit expensive!

5. Banda Aceh Indonesia 😀
some say that I should put Bali here, but for me, my home town is much better that Bali 😀
we have nicer beach, hotter temp and cheaper accommodation and food. since I have been locked in the middle of Europe for quite sometimes, I realized that I miss my hometown very much!
miss to eat noodle with weed ingredient, starkest coffee ever, snorkling, hunting sunset, riding in the rain, hmm…..and here are the photos!

What do you think?


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