Ms Irima Pubudu; Spam, SCAM and Fraud

Dear All,

I received emails from unknown sender but claimed her self as Miss Irima Pubudu. she said that she is a refugee from Sudan and now living in a hostel in Burkina Faso.
In her first email, she writes down nice things just like she wanted to be friend with you and send her photos as well, if you reply for that email and perhaps with a little bit of sympathy (like what I did, but I knew that it was a scam), she replied it again, with a longer story and hoping for sympathy as well.

just like this one:
“Hello Dear,

Firstly I thank you for your response to my letter in-line with my message which I sent you in my previous mail. So how is life over there in your country? I hope that you are in atmosphere of peace and love? I am very happy to read your mail today, please do not be surprised or get offended for receiving this message from me, It just that I have been obliged to lay a mere trust on you due to my situation here in the refugee camp. I got your contact email address in an address journal, and i strongly believe in my heart that you must be honest and sincere person for me to disclose my life secret so that you will render your full help and assistance towards me.

I decided to contact you because of the urgency of my situation here in the refugees camp and after reading your mail today I whole-heatedly decided to let you know more and more about me, Who knows?….,

Now start to pay your full attention!
– From the reply above you will find that she does not even know or write your name, what does it means? A SPAMM, coz a spam can never know your name!
– Even if this is sent by a human, that should be more realistic and normally we say what the purpose of sending an email, rite? of course here she say that she need your help, TO SEND HER SOME AMOUNT OF MONEY..:D
– FINALLY, I checked at the “Anti Fraud International” forum and it is clearly stated that this MS IRIMA PUBUDU is SCAM

so, whenever you receive any email from “”, block it and treat it as spam/scam, so do not pay any attention and do not response to it.

smoga gk ketipu 😀



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